la R4 SDHC per Nintendo DS e DS lite


La R4 SDHC consente agli utenti di Nintendo DS e DS Lite console per aggiungere Micro SD / SDHC funzionalità per le loro console.

A Feature that the Nintendo NX Should Have

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The Nintendo NX is probably one of the hottest topics on the internet right now. That is because Nintendo hasn’t divulged any official information about the game console as of now, though, they are expected to disclose information in the latter parts of the year.

Now, because of this, a lot of rumors about the next big game console of Nintendo has surfaced. Some gaming pundits said that the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid game console thanks to its inclusion of two detachable controllers.

It also has a display screen so you can play anywhere you want. It might also integrate with your TV so that you can play on a much bigger screen.

Although these are just rumors that have yet to be confirmed by the company, a lot of people are already excited about the prospect of the Nintendo NX being a hybrid portable game console.

Add to that the rumor that the Nintendo NX might support mobile phone applications into its system. Just imagine playing Pokemon Go on the game console, right?

Now, with all that being said, the Nintendo NX, if these rumors were to be believed, should be a game changer once it hits the market.

This might also be the saving grace of the company since Nintendo has suffered massive losses through the years (thanks to the lackluster sales of the Nintendo Wii U).

The Nintendo NX might be a game changer if it actually had these specs but we will have to wait and see when Nintendo finally decides to unveil the game console.

But, there seems to be a feature that is lacking in the Nintendo NX: Virtual Reality support. You see, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One will have VR support in the near future and Nintendo is the only one that is not supporting it (at least, not in the immediate future).

If Nintendo aims to make Nintendo NX as the next big thing, they should incorporate not only unique gaming technologies but they also have to adhere to what fans want.

Virtual reality gaming is becoming mainstream. In fact, some PC owners have already geared their rigs with the right specs for them to be able to use the feature.

And, later this year, Nintendo’s biggest competitors will release VR gaming support and this feature will actually bring VR gaming to the fore.

Now, I know that Nintendo is focusing more on the actual content rather than incorporating VR gaming into their system but they will be left out by the competition.

Some gamers do love virtual reality games because, to them, VR gaming is the most immersive gaming experience ever.

Back in E3 2016, there were a lot of players that were able to play the VR version of Resident Evil 7. It is as scary as f*ck, according to some who have tried it.

I hope that Nintendo will incorporate VR gaming into the Nintendo NX. I don’t know how they will do it but hopefully, they will.

Nintendo NX is slated to be released in March 2017.

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Mental Fitness: The Possible Missing Piece to Physical Fitness

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There is this old adage that states “a healthy body, healthy mind”. This usually ties that if you are taking care of your body, your emotional and mental aspects will be in check as well.

But, what if you’re not healthy but you’re striving really hard to better yourself. And, it seems that you just cannot do it, or so you think that you can’t.

In this article, I want to talk about an essential component; a missing piece, if you will, that is often overlooked when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. And that missing piece is a term that I want to call “Mental Fitness”.

Mental fitness is a term that I use to gauge people’s ability to do something. For example, what are you going to do in case of an emergency? Do you like to cry and hope that the situation changes or are you going to do something about it?

Mental fitness is important if you want to get fit because if you are already strong mentally, your body will surely follow. This might be the reverse of what the adage said but I think that the mind works in tandem with the body, whether you have a healthy body or not.

You see mentally fit people as people who are not fazed even under extreme situations. You see mentally fit people as people who are not making excuses. You see them as people who makes active decisions and they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

I want to talk about mental fitness and how it relates to physical fitness because I think that a lot of people are not mentally fit.

What I am trying to say is that a lot of people are so ecstatic to get a gym membership, go to the gym for a couple of months, but ultimately ditches their program because of a lot of “reasons”.

If you’re the type of person who constantly makes excuses so that you don’t have to do anything, especially losing weight, then you lack mental fitness.

So, armed with the knowledge of what mental fitness is, what are the things you can do to improve it? Well, here are just some tips:

  1. List the things that you want to do after work. It may be as simple as going to the gym and lifting weights or buying something for your loved one.
  2. After listing the things, you have to do them in order of importance. This is to train your brain to prioritize the things that you really need to do.
  3. Make sure that every item in your list has some kind of importance to you. For example, you listed that you will go to the gym after work. Why do you want to go to the gym? Because you want to lose weight. Every item in the list should have a reason.
  4. Make this a habit by doing it every day. The items in the list don’t have to be drastic but it does have to have meaning.

I hope that starting today, you will cultivate your mental fitness. If you’re having a hard time getting to the gym and training, then you’re probably not mentally fit enough.

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Blu Vivo Air

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Midrange mobile phones nowadays are already up to par or even better than the flagship models of years’ past.

When you talk about midrange phones in today’s terms, you will talk about phones that sport great features without the huge asking price.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Blu Vivo Air. The Florida-based mobile phone company has created a midrange phone. But, is a good midrange phone? We will find out about that in this article.

The Blu Vivo Air borrows some design aspects to Apple’s ever-popular iPhone series. It sports the same design to that of the iPhone 6. Although the company did copy the aesthetics of Apple’s mobile phone offering, it is not that bad since a lot of companies do that anyway.

This mobile phone comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front and back sides of the phone for that added protection. This phone also comes with an Aluminum frame that only adds another layer of protection but also gives a nice aesthetic appeal to the phone. If you’re going to buy the white version of the phone, it will have a gold-plated aluminum frame which looks really nice.

As for the display, the Blu Vivo Air comes with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of only 720p and a pixel density of 306ppi. 720p is not that high-quality, but it is very respectable since the phone only comes with a sub 5-inch display.

AMOLED displays rival IPS displays in that they bring fantastic color saturation and great viewing angles. This phone does suffer from outside viewing (especially when the sun is up and about), but other than that, the display is great for a 4.8-inch phone.

Under the hood, the Blu Vivo Air comes with a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor that is clocked at 1.7GHz. It also has the Mali-450 GPU and a GB of RAM. The performance would’ve been good but it is held back with its measly 1GB of RAM.

I do not recommend opening a lot of apps at once as this phone will surely slow down because of it. Still, the main app you’re in will not experience any lags at all. Like I said, just keep open apps to a minimum.

The Blu Vivo Air comes with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. This phone comes with two camera applications. The first camera app is the main camera app, complete with all of the standard settings such as HDR and panorama.

The second camera app is the “CharmCam”. Basically, this is an app that allows you to further edit your captured images.

The camera apps built-in this phone is pretty okay, but the main camera app does not have a landscape view which can prove to be a hindrance for some camera aficionados. If you’re looking to take some photos, you may want to capture images using only the portrait mode.

The Blu Vivo Air, unfortunately, only comes with 3G support. Still, I would urge you to buy a mobile phone signal booster that supports 3G frequencies if you’re looking to use this phone’s 3G capabilities.

The Blu Vivo Air lacks a few features but this one is a good midrange phone.

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ULAK Luxury Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an amazing media and productivity mobile phone. It has an impressive display, an accurate and precise S-Pen, and it also has an impressive camera with Dual LED flash.

This mobile phone is also protected by a metallic rim, which is a much better choice than its predecessors.

But, even with these new additions, it would be great if you have a truly protective case that will protect your mobile phone, especially a phone that is as premium as the Galaxy Note 4.

Today, we are going to be talking about the ULAK Luxury Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This protective case is unlike any other protective case out there because it looks like a really premium case.

To help you know more about this protective case, here are its features:

  • Specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Made by high-quality Plastic material, with stylish color Steel Chrome skin decoration
  • Thin and sleek case provides scratch protection without adding much bulk
  • Perfect cutouts and slim design allow you to maximize the functionality of your phone
  • Slim and form-fitted to show the perfect shape of your device

This protective case is specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As previously mentioned, the protective case has a premium look. It is made out of durable plastic, but the aesthetics are really nice. It looks like a brushed aluminum material and it comes in a variety of colors such as Gold, Brush Black Aluminum, and Metallic Gray.

The ULAK Luxury Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers a robust protection for your mobile phone. It is made out of durable polycarbonate plastic that helps absorb shocks and impacts. This case provides a really good protection mechanism for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Protective cases, although effective in protecting your mobile phone, can also be problematic. Some protective cases have ill-placed cutouts that hinder some of the features of the mobile phone.

Luckily, the ULAK Luxury Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has carefully placed cutouts that allow you to utilize all of the phone’s features without any problems at all.

The case also does not add weight to the mobile phone and it also doesn’t add to the overall thickness so you can still slide the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in and out of your pocket like you would without the case on.

A lot of people actually love this case because of its amazing aesthetics. It really looks like a premium case thanks to its brushed aluminum design. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a premium mobile phone, it would be sensible to get a protective case that accentuates that sleek style of the phone, right?

The ULAK Luxury Protective Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a luxurious looking durable plastic case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This protective case costs only $25.

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Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

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The demand for gaming headsets have never been this high. If you look at the pro gaming scene, all of them wear gaming headsets and for good reason. It is just way better to game while using a headset rather than any kind of speaker.

Why? Because there are sound elements that only a gaming headset can get, and not a full-fledged speaker with subwoofer system. With that being said, let’s take a look at the Logitech G430 Surround Sound gaming headset.

So, what are the highlights of the Logitech G430? Here they are:

  • Immersive Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • Comfortably soft and durable cloth earpads
  • Lightweight design for long game play
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • On-cable mute and volume controls
  • Protective lay-flat swivel earcups
  • Full-speed USB audio
  • Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Works with PS4 in stereo mode

The Logitech G430 immerses you with sound thanks to the Dolby 7.1 surround sound system. Hear the enemy’s footsteps, be immersed in the movie or show you are watching, all is possible because of the technology.

Second, it has soft and durable cloth earpads. These can be taken off if you want to clean them as they are washable. Just make sure you don’t machine wash them as it can damage the earcups.

Speaking of Earcups, the Logitech G430 is very comfortable. You can play for hours on end while wearing the G430 and it will not strain you at all. It is a very comfortable gaming headset and it is also lightweight.

It also has a noise-cancelling “boom” microphone. I don’t know why Logitech named it as a boom microphone, but it blocks external noise very nicely. I can barely hear background noise while talking to my mom on Skype. She is using the Logitech G430 because she had it as a gift from a colleague.

The Logitech G430 also has mic and volume controls attached to the cable, so you can quickly adjust the volume without ever having to adjust the system volumes. You can also mute the microphone when it is not in use.

The gaming headset also comes with 40mm Neodymium drivers. Couple that with the 7.1 immersive sound technology, and you will have a very wonderful gaming experience.

Is the Logitech G430 good enough to please customers? Let’s find out:

Arvin: “The Logitech G430 has excellent sound quality and it is also very comfortable. I could pretty much wear it all day without feeling pain at all. The gaming headset immerses me in games, and it is especially useful since I am playing mostly FPS games. I can hear the enemy’s footsteps and then I can act accordingly. Overall, I really like the G430.”

Ralph: “Logitech has always been a maker of premium quality products, and the G430 is no exception. The sound quality is exceptional for a gaming headset. Plus, the microphone is an okay addition, especially since streaming is quite relevant nowadays. I love the G430 for its sound quality. I couldn’t ask for more really.”

The Logitech G430 gaming headset offers an immersive sound experience and it is also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This gaming headset costs only $55.

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AT&T Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster Tower Antenna Review

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One of America’s biggest Cellphone Service Provider, AT&T, shows some love for their loyal customers by giving them a cellphone signal booster. AT&T is a company that gives you great plans to help you; whether you want a business plan to cater for your upstart business, or a personal plan, so that you can stay connected with your friends and family.

Now, why would a big service provider like AT&T be issuing cellphone signal boosters? You see, for their services to work, you need to get a hold of their signal. Without their signals, you are unable to use their services such as internet on the go, sending text messages or a clear and crisp voice quality.

AT&T acknowledges that some parts of America have poor signal coverage, and to remedy that, they are offering their loyal customers a signal booster to reinforce the signal they’re getting.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, let’s have a look at their Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster and see if it is a good product.

So, what are the signal booster’s features? Here they are:

  • Supports voice and 3G data for 3G/4G/LTE mobile phones, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.
  • Simple setup process using quick setup guide – Note that you must have an official AT&T account (not a 3rd-party carrier)
  • Status Indicators: Cell Signal, GPS Signal, Internet Connectivity, Power
  • Works at home or the office (broadband internet connection via Ethernet is required) Note that satellite internet connections often have too much delay for this device to work properly
  • High quality design and construction by Cisco Systems, a leader in cellular and network technology

Cisco Systems are the creators of one of the most popular routers out there. It’s no wonder that AT&T partnered with them in order to create the perfect signal booster for their customers.

microcellWell, the difference between the Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster and other mobile phone signal boosters is that you need to plug in your broadband internet connection on to the said wireless cell signal booster.

The internet connection will be responsible for giving you a better signal and clarity on your calls.

So, how do you set this thing up? I am glad you asked, because it is very easy to set the signal booster up and running. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the AT&T 3G MicroCell Activation site: www.att.com/3GMicroCell.
  2. Turn off your broadband modem and router (or just modem if you don’t use a router).
  3. Connect included Ethernet cable to Ethernet port on the MicroCell (yellow port in picture below).
  4. Connect the other end of the cable to your router.
  5. Plug in and/or turn on the broadband modem first.
  6. Plug in and/or turn on the router second, if you have one.
  7. Plug in the MicroCell last, which turns it on.
  8. Wait at least 90 minutes or until you get a text message from AT&T saying that you are activated.

Just remember, this is a free offer for existing and new customers of AT&T and is not sold on the market. If you see offers that sell you this particular product, you can buy them, but be sure to register the product to AT&T.

According to reviews, it really does work and you can now enjoy improved signals in your own home.

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R4 3DS istituito

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Completare le istruzioni per la configurazione del kernel del firmware e iniziare utilizzando la tua carta R3DS dal momento di che riceverlo, insieme a dettagli su appropriate cartelle e file che potrebbe richiedesul vostro 3DS R4.

R4 3DS Dual-Core Setup

Questa scheda viene fornito con le caratteristiche stesse esatte e compatibilità delle schede 3 R4 DS popolare. Ogni volta che viene avviata una nuova edizione del Nintendo DSi, 3DS o OS ha gli aggiornamentidel firmware quasi immediato. Installazione e configurazione è altrettanto semplice.

Tutte le nostre carte di 3DS R4 vengono aggiornate – e meglio ancora ottenere aggiornati assolutamente gratis. Troverete non c’è assolutamente nessun costo per tutti gli aggiornamenti del kernel il firmwareche introduciamo per la R4. In molte situazioni, tutto quello che devi fare è aggiornare R4 3DS saranno ottenuti e duplica l’ultimo firmware file su scheda di memoria che si utilizza ora insieme con la scheda.Tuttavia, in alcuni scenari, avete non solo scaricare e installare il firmware più recente, ma inoltre ottenere il nostro specifico R4 3DS aggiornamento patch. Questa patch di aggiornamento non è la stessa di quelladai file del firmware R4 se stessi. Essi aggiornamento all’interno del kernel compatibilità firmware per consentire aggiornamenti più recenti di funzionare e scrivere veramente il chip del processore in R4.

Che è certamente come è con il 3DS migliorata 7.2.0 e il vecchio 3DS 7.1.0 aggiornamenti. Se si utilizza carta 3DS R4 già sulla 2DS Nintendo, 3DS XL o 3DS console 7.1.0-14 di funzionamento o forse più in alto,indica che la carta già potrebbe ricevere la patch di aggiornamento. Queste istruzioni sono solo per gli utenti che sono ancora in funzione un’edizione inferiore del loro software della console Nintendo 3DS,richiede di applicare questa patch essere in grado di utilizzare l’ultima versione del firmware che sostiene poi per l’aggiornamenti 7.2.0 e 7.1.0.

R4 3DS aggiornamento Patch – che cosa è esattamente?

Questo patcher migliorata non è tanto di una patch, perché è una vera e propria ri programmazione del processore primario r4 all’interno della scheda. Insieme con la patch, la r4 ora può essere consentito di fareuso delle ultime funzioni e caratteristiche oltre alla compatibilità che abbiamo costruito direttamente dentro l’edizione più recente del firmware. In realtà, devi scaricare e installare questo aggiornamento in modo da consentire la tua R4 per poter caricare i file del firmware più recenti. Ecco perché è così essenziale si procede con il primo aggiornamento, prima di installare il firmware più recente ci sono accessibile.

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Nel caso in cui si stanno ricercando più recenti (e veramente sorprendente) titoli giochi ZX Spectrum godere sul tuo Nintendo 3DS, consigliamo sicuramente nulla dai gemelli Mojon, che sembra essere giochihomebrew impostazione e nostro nuovo indie tutto il tempo per il computer ZX Spectrum.

Troverete tutti quei emulatori che sono proprio nel nostro 3DS homebrew download sezione sorprendenti. Quando sei lì anche dare un’occhiata alla riproduzione davvero favolosi titoli di giochi classici etotalmente nuovi giochi lanciati dai creatori homebrew regolarmente per Nintendo 3DS, DS e DSi console.

Un piccolo aggiornamento popolare Nintendo 2DS, 3DS e il 3DS XL sistemi. L’edizione del sistema di aggiornamento esistenti, se era a 7.1.0-16, che siamo felici di assicurare che tutti i nostri clienti a capire chetutte le carte del 3DS R4 sono state aggiornate e supportate per funzionare bene su tutti i sistemi console di 2DS, 3DS e 3DS XL insieme con l’aggiornamento più recente di 7.1.0-16. Dovrebbe hanno operatotuo R4 edizione 7.0 o superiore, non è necessario alcun aggiornamento per i file di firmware come questo upgrade non necessita l’ultimo firmware per le nostre carte particolari.

Se in ogni caso si opera un’edizione del sistema sotto 7.0.0 3DS, quindi mi raccomando potete seguire le seguenti istruzioni al fine di aggiornare la scheda per l’ultimo firmware 7.0 compatibile e sarete tuttiinsieme in nessun tempo.


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Ho bisogno di fare una patch di aggiornamento ogni volta che c’è un firmware più recente lanciato?

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Ho bisogno di fare una patch di aggiornamento ogni volta che c’è un firmware più recente lanciato?

Non certo! In realtà, facciamo uno sforzo per evitare che eventuali misure supplementari – a meno che sicuramente necessaria -. La patch di aggiornamento è obbligatorio quando ci sono parecchicambiamenti importanti che necessitano di aggiornamento del 3DS R4. r4i In molte situazioni, a meno che un enorme nuovo programma software edizione per Nintendo 3DS è lanciato, tutto quello che dovraifare è duplicare i record di firmware più recenti per la scheda di memoria, che è anche la vostra scheda micro SD, fare uso di con la R4, e sarò possedete la compatibilità più recenti e funzioni migliorate.

Non ci vuole molto tempo per arrivare a questo completato le istruzioni non sono difficili da seguire e in realtà non può essere fatto in modo errato. Tuttavia, siamo giunti con i passaggi dettagliati qui sotto pergli individui che si potrebbero ottenere solo loro R4 e non hanno mai richiesto alcun tipo di aggiornamento a tutti. Senza ulteriori ritardi; le istruzioni sono per la R4 3DS RTS carte e le carte R4 3DS Dual-Core.

Passo 1: Ottenere il R4 3DS aggiornamento Patcher.

Il primo passo sarà quello di ottenere il patcher aggiornamento. Si localizzerà il menu molto superiore del nostro sito web.

Si possono avere 2 cartelle insieme a un file che è stato preso da quell’archivio specifico. Si dovrebbe riprodurre entrambe le cartelle e anche quei file che si intende utilizzare per aggiornare il R4. Si puòutilizzare il comodo scrittore USB / lettore al fine di inserire nella vostra memoria scheda nel computer e utilizzare questo come un disco rimovibile.

Il prossimo passo sarà copiare e incollare o anche trascinare i file attraverso micro SD card.

Quando tutte le necessarie cartelle o file sono posizionati sulla scheda di memoria, togliere il lettore USB e collocare questo sulla carta R4 3DS, ora si dovrebbe inserire questo nella tua console Nintendo 2DS, 3DS o 3DS XL.

Questa domanda arriva abbastanza frequentemente, e abbiamo creduto che fosse qualcosa che siamo in grado di rispondere a una volta per tutte nella nostra divisione di notizie. Un individuo è aggiornato daconsole DSi o il 3DS e poi per il più recente Nintendo 3DS XL. La questione non rimane valida. Il DSi alla procedura di aggiornamento sistema DS Lite indicato che più gente ha dovuto acquistare una schedaR4 fresca al fine di godere le loro applicazioni e giochi homebrew sulle Ultime DSi XL e DSi console.

Tuttavia questo non è il caso per quanto riguarda i più recenti sistemi di Nintendo 3DS XL e il nuovo Nintendo 3DS. Scheda R4 3DS è stata creata inizialmente per la console 3DS. Una volta che il 3DS XL è stato liberato tuttavia, molte le modifiche erano cosmetici. Monitor ha ottenuto più grande, i pulsanti sono stati trasferiti – comunque – all’interno della console 3DS XL è rimasto lo stesso. Chip identico,identico hardware e, più significativamente, l’identico programma software che gestisce la console 3DS completa.

La console è rimasto lo stesso, solo leggermente più grande. Nel caso in cui si era utilizzata la scheda R4i SDHC con la tua console DSi, si può prendere la stessa esatta Scheda R4i SDCH, collegarlo al sistemaDSi XL e funzionerà benissimo. Gli aggiornamenti di sistema per il DSi XL e DSi erano entrambi fatto insieme. Questo significava quindi tutti gli aggiornamenti di scheda R4i erano anche al proprio completatoallo stesso tempo e operato su entrambe le console.

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Nintendo R4i SDHC

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Con i recenti progressi di rotolamento in tecnologia, certe cose nuove sono venuti alla ribalta per aiutare le persone. In modo simile, R4i SDHC sono entrati in gioco e colpire il mercato per dare alla gente diversi impianti Uniti in una singola carta. La card R4i è un dispositivo di archiviazione di base di cartuccia utilizzato nel sistema console DS. È meglio per Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS non hanno supporti riscrivibili, che lo rende un ideale in entrambi i casi.
Che cos’è la scheda R4i SDHC? In poche parole, è la versione più recente della linea R4 DS Card. Il V2 di R4 se vuoi. È il prossimo genearation slot 1 flash card. Dove l’originale R4 DS è stato fatto per Nintendo DS, la R4i SDHC è stata creata esclusivamente allo scopo di portare le stesse caratteristiche e funzioni del sistema Nintendo DSi. Le sue funzioni sono più o meno simili alla serie R4i. R4i serie offre grande memoria SDHC e possiede invidiabili vantaggi e funzioni rispetto agli altri prima di adattatori scheda gioco. C’è una notevole differenza tra R4i SDHC e altre scheda di serie R4i che è tutte le nuove versioni sono disposte ad accettare le schede micro SDHC e ha la capacità di memoria limitando a 32 GB.
Considerando la nuova R4i SDHC, si osserva che il suo tempo di caricamento è abbastanza veloce ed è compatibile con DS e DS lite. Allo stesso modo giù la linea è nuova DSTT. Questo è probabilmente meno efficiente rispetto alla versione di R4i SDHC. Anche l’ultimo kernel aggiornato a V1.12b, i recenti supporti R4i SDHC il nuovo DS-console Nintendo DSi LL. R4i ha stessa dimensione come la cartuccia di gioco originale DSi e potenzialmente non aggiornabile con firmware DSi nel prossimo futuro. R4i SDHC utilizza micro scheda di memoria SD e supporta schede di memoria HC troppo.
L’utilizzo di schede SDHC hanno migliorato le prestazioni anche di più lenta Scheda R4i come capacità e formato, caratteristiche, impostazione multi-lingua e interfaccia user friendly di risparmio energetico. R4i SDHC è compatibile con tutti i giochi NDS e supporta il codice di cheat e soft-reset impostazione su una base per-gioco. Presto vi renderete conto una volta che cominciate usando le carte r4 che avete molto di più che ora si può godere e realizzare con la nostra console Nintendo DSi. Non più solo limitata ai giochi in movimento, ma sarete in grado di guardare film e ascoltare musica MP3 troppo. Tanto come si avrebbe con un iPod o iPod touch. Sta dimostrando di essere meglio rinforzatore multimediale con foto migliorata qualità e prestazioni superiori di decodifica. In caso di forma e dimensioni R4i SDHC garantisce un minimo errore. Suoi vantaggi anche includono la funzionalità di drag and drop file giochi per giocare direttamente e supporta clean ROM.
Infine, quando il confezionamento delle principali applicazioni e funzionalità del software R4i SDHC comprende la sua migliore capacità di memoria, il lasso di tempo di avvio e caricamento veloce, supporta sia il DS lite e DS. Un difetto che si trova in esso è R4i SDHC non supporta tutti i tipi di DS e sono po ‘ più lento di quello precedente. Ma gli esperti hanno superato anche su questi difetti.

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